Sep 14, 2008

I have only bought this chest 4 months and hardly use it. The peeling of the chest got worsen day by day really got irks me. And the C.S mentioned I'm the first to complain on this chest quality. Duh?!

Peeling Chest

Wasted one full day waiting for the Ikea replacement chest to come only to be informed they will be coming at 6.30pm. Initial schedule was 2-6pm. Can you imagine I've waited for nearly 4 hrs only to be told they will come half an hour later? And, I need to leave the house for my dinner with parents. 

My tone was really harsh and rude come to think of it when I called up and asked why when they have committed to the time schedule and yet not able to fulfill. I have postpone to next Saturday and hopefully they can come on time this time. 

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