No Hubby Days

Sep 11, 2008

Hubby will be away for god damn 5 weeks. I didn't know it's 5 weeks. All along I thought it's only 4 weeks cause he kept saying 1 month. He will only be back next Friday and I have already taken off that day to fetch him. How I miss him! I can't believe how I can do without him if I'm not following him to the states. I guess I've made the right decision.

Last night I had dinner with Maz and after that, her husband, Fadli were kind enough to send me home. They both came over to our place for visit and short stay to catch their Suria malay tv drama. I feel so ashamed that after shifting in for more than 6 months, I have not even invited them over at all.

Currently, I'm hooked on Gossip Girl and done with Season 1. Season 2 is out again and I am almost waiting for new episodes to air every now and then. Feel like such a bitch to get hook on this but I like. Haha.

This is how I have been entertaining myself all this while when hubby's not around. He's my best friend, best listener and of course best hubby.

Come home soon!

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