Simple Dinner

Sep 13, 2008

Today had a simple home-cooked diner with Ade and family came over at our place. Nothing fantastic but it's the company that counts. After dinner, we proceeded to join in the small crowd at the roof-top garden for mooncake festival celebration. The whole thing was a little bit disorganized. We do not know what we should do. Only to walk around carrying Reyes with his 'Winnie The Pooh' battery operated lantern. 

Hubby instructed me to buy a box of snow-skinned mooncake for him to await for his return. He's yearning to have that but Jim said maybe it won't last till so long. Anyway, I shall see whether I can manage to buy any for him tomorrow after work. 

Talking about his return, I have already plan on what to cook for his taste bud pleasure. It will be Grilled Salmon with macaroni salad. Recipes taken from Dining Alone. I just need to get hold of some good salmon fillets. 

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