Dinner at Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ

Oct 10, 2008

Had a lovely dinner the other day with Rina & Darvin at Jang Shou BBQ (Esplanade). The BBQ is really nice. I especially like the pork because it was simply marinated to perfection and so tender & sweet.


All-time favorite pork

Anyway, the real intention of this dinner is actually to upgrade our iPhone. You see this taiwan chap is really good in that but a pity the phone language is in Chinese so it's abit tedious if we switch the program. Practically spent the whole night after dinner trying to get a good wifi spot. And were finally settled down around 10pm from all those roaming and settling at Mac in Marina square. In the end, because the lappies were either slow or the program just doesn't work. In the end, nothing was accomplished. And he's flying off the next day. So I guess we have to wait for him to come back next month.....

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