Happiness is a decision, not an emotion

Oct 4, 2008

Recently, work has been rather hectic. Department is having some restructuring I heard and company may plan to implement force leave. Yes the economy is that bad at this point of time. Our customers' order have dropped quite drastically but work load is still endlessly heavy and stress.

I have been coming home for this past week feeling moody and quiet. Hubby has been rather understanding to give me some private space lately. I am quite an unhappy girl lately. I do not know why. Came across an article mentioning happiness is a decision, not an emotion. It's quite true and why do I still choose to be unhappy then? And I think this is the cause of my pimple outbreak. I see my face also sian. Haiz~

October seems to be a travelling month for those around me. Lil bro is going aussie, peilin is going to UK, cousin is in Japan now follow by states & Maz is leaving for Brugge for 2 months. I am going to miss her! 

Yesterday, hubby ask whether I want to go for our honeymoon before leaving for states or after. I was like huh? Of course before leaving for states will be better but need to save money. He said do not worry about that. I am not sure though. Places I have in mind for honeymoon are Greece, Italy or rather more realistic will be Japan. But if for Japan, we will definitely not able to catch the cherry blossom season in Mar-May. 

Anthony asked us to join them for the upcoming Harbin trip in January but the weather will be extremely cold & imagine the winter clothings that we need to get. Already need to spend money before going. And anyway, China doesn't interest me a lot.

My work trip in Oct is postpone to Nov because of customer audit. It's good in a way. Nov is my birthday month and if hubby manage to apply for leave during the period that I am leaving. Then I can have an overseas birthday celebration.

Hubby is working today again hence I spent the day baking some scones & sorting out the items that the gals & I ordered from Taiwan.  

Freshly Baked Scones

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