Happy Birthday Darling.

Oct 23, 2008

Gave Hubby a 'not so surprise' surprise with an ice-cream cake from Swensen. I've tried my best to find a delicious one but because it's was rather late and no cake reservation made. I have myself to be contented with this instead. Mum picked it together with me. We were having dinner together. 

Went to check out the Tag Heuer watch that he had been eyeing for eons. Cost about $6K at a neighbourhood shopping centre but was about only $5K at Orchard. What's happening here? But he stopped me from getting that as he needs to consider whether he really need that watch or not. He told me before he wants to get a squared-faced leather watch when he turns 30.

It's truly a beauty I have to admit but the price tag is not really one. Haha.

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