Nice long weekend

Oct 27, 2008

Had not been updating the blog religiously as I was sick for the past 2 weeks. Only gotten better over the weekend. We had a dinner gathering at sunset grill last sat and it's been a while since the gang had met up. It's nice to see all of them again. And gave Hubby a mini birthday surprise with a cake for dessert after the dinner. Too bad did not manage to take any photos.

After the dinner, we proceed to prawning where I had a try on the newly open "Fish Spa". It costs $13 per half hour. Initially it can get pretty ticklish but as you get use to the fishes nibbling your entire leg. It's quite fun actually. 

Hungry Fishes

Baked some cookies earlier on with christmas theme.

Aren't they cute? I can't bear to eat them. For dinner today, we had kampong chicken rice. It's like finally. I had been thinking of them since Friday and when I finally manage to have them down in my stomach. I'm truly a happy lady.

Recently just found out that Doris & Eugene will be going to the states for the same course as us. It's nice to know that. We have company now. It's always good to have friends around you.

Even though we are moving out next year, we still can't resist to buying some new plants. Bought 2 new plants from Goodwood on sat and they were delivered on sun. Haven't really took some nice photos of them yet.

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