Oct 28, 2008

These were just used to be airy ideas ever since I graduated from poly but once things actually started to get going, they just kept moving.
  • Got married in 2006 (Just a simple ROM ceremony)
  • Got own flat and enjoyed the process of renovating & furnishing our dream design
  • Found a rather relatively good paid job
Probably it's not much as compared to others but to me, it's already quite an accomplishment.

Moving forward, I hope to achieve the below:
  • Hope to have a kid before I turn 29
  • Getting a degree before age 32 (maybe that's a bit old but that's ok)
  • Getting a good job when we return from states and hopefully the economy will better by then
  • Pursuing my own business before age 37 with enough financial backup
Anyway, went to visit the chinese doc which I had last seen him about 5 yrs ago. The same doc which Doris went recently too. He told me to try to eat as much as veggie as possible. In simple term, be a vegetarian. And gave me some medicine to cure my cough & running nose. Mentioned that my health is rather weak especially my stomach and lungs which I admit they are. I then asked whether I am able to have a baby anytime but was being told off to be a responsible mother. It's better to build up a stronger body before jumping into it. And most importantly, to give birth to a healthy baby.

Well, I will try to stick to whatever he said and advices for the time being. But I do not know how long it will last.

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