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Oct 11, 2008

Today the weather is quite disappointing. Wanted to go down to town to purchase some presents but in the end, plan changed. Went to Thomson for some lunch and grocery shopping. Really a mood dampening. Was looking all bright & sunny and suddenly came noon time, it becomes to turn dark. 

In the end, took a bus down and the bus that we took look so well vintage. And the air-conditioning really sucks. Practically am sweating in the bus. Seems like the kind of bus you can find in Taiwan or Korea.

For today's dinner, we had garlic marinated steak with macaroni salad & mashed photo. 

And tomorrow's plan will be going in office tomorrow to finish clear someone's shit but at least I can have an ease of mind that all will be able to run smoothly. Why oh why do I have to suffer like this? But I'm thankful that it will be only just a few more months to end all these torturing. We are having company shutdown on Monday follow by 2 days in November & 3 days in December. My 6 days leave are just being eat up like that. I still thought I can accumulate and bring over to next year and then cash in when the time's up. Shit.

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