Jan 29, 2009

Reality sets in finally. Completed medical checkup. Passed. Carton boxes. Delivered.
It's time to really start packing and moving soon.

It's the time soon for me to tender too. I have decided to leave in mid March to allow myself ample time to purchase all the stuffs I need to bring over and settling those paperworks.
Hubb is leaving next Saturday for full 2 months. The longest he had ever leave me behind. I hope I am able to cope without him this time together with our bb. I guess by the time he comes back 2 months later showing up at the airport, he will be shocked at my bump.

I'm in my Week 17 now feeling rather good. But hungry all the time. During our last visit to gynae, he was about 80% sure that it's a girl but the confirmation can only be known this month detailed scan which Hubb will be missing.

I want to get the below bb books which have been raved about.

1. New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to calm and confident parenting.
2. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to calm, connect and communicates with your baby.
3. Complete Baby and Childcare: Everything you need to know for the first 5 years.

Need to equip myself with all the information I can input into my now 'mini' brain.

I am also having thoughts to chop off my hair to about neck length. This is for easy maintenance which I am looking for now and need pretty soon enough. Perhaps I will try out Shunji at Century Square and hope the result does not turn out to be too drastic. This is what I fear each time I change a stylist. It's like a curse u know.

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