Missing Hubb already

Feb 7, 2009

1 lesson that I've learnt. Never pack things at the very last minute. All because of mis-planning. Hubb packed his luggage till the very last minute. Initially to set off to airport at 3:45am but packing only completed at 3:40am so he left the house around 4am. Thank God he made it. This is the 1st time that I see him so flustered and come to think of it, quite funny. He's always the cool guy that I know of and seeing so confused and messed up really was a different sight. Managed to solve his packing. We should get a much bigger luggage. Those are only meant for short-distance travel....

I slept around 4am after seeing off at the doorstep and can hardly sleep. Managed to doze off eventually and woke up in the morning seeing the mess in our 'NEW' room that I cleaned up a bit before coming back to our nest. Hubb called me around 10+ saying he reached HK and was waiting for transist to go Chicago before changing flight again to St Louis. Must be tough on him. But seeing him so tired the night before I think he must have a good sleep on flight. Poor baby.

Sent bed sheets for cleaning and went to MOS burger to have lunch with my bb... Cleaned and packed the house from morning till now. Waiting for lil bro & gf and my dad to help me with the moving. I only left about 15% which I am so proud of myself. It was still a total mess last night when Ade & family dropped by to visit us. I left only the Kitchen area and 1 last batch of washing. And that's it!

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