Feb 27, 2009

Lately I have been feeling rather emotional. I don't know why. I can't control myself sometimes and it usually happens when I'm just alone or with my close family members. I don't behave like that at work. I don't like to go out. I just want to stay cozy in my bed doing some readings and napping. Is this normal for a pregnant woman? 

I really miss Hubb. Maybe it's because I am too clingy and have been too dependent on him all along. And this time it's the longest that he's away. 9 full weeks. And he's missing 2 months of my pregnancy. Whatever happens I can't share with him real-time. It's only in skype when we talk at nights that he know what's going on. Sometimes I really wonder how people can survive long-distance relationship. I am definitely not one of them. I dread myself going for the monthly gynae visit with no Hubb around and waiting for my name to be called. 

So many people have been commenting that my bump is so small. But come on, it's because I'm petite. How big do you want my bump to show? As long as my precious bb is healthy, it's all that matters. Don't you think I don't want her to be healthy? Does size really matter that much? At least I have gained about 4 kg so far although it's not much compared to others. And I hope I can keep gaining weight although there doesn't seem to have any difference in my outlook except my bump is getting bigger. 

I keep having lots of random thoughts lately. Running around madly. And I can't seem to stop them. I need to put a stop to them somehow or rather. Perhaps it's what they called depression but I am sure I can overcome it. I just need time. 

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adetan35 said...

Mommy-to-be, healthy is the most important factor!! As long as baby is active & absorbing, let the others comment! Doubt you will gain more than 10kg by delivery =p