Far Away Valentine

Feb 14, 2009

Today is Valentine's Day and it's suppose to be our 11th year celebrating Valentine's Day together but we are so far apart. 1st time that I ever felt so lonesome on this particular day. But Hubb still is so ever romantic. He had a bouquet delivered to my company yesterday around 10+am. The gesture was so sweet. Indeed I was a happy young lady the whole day.

Decided to just chop off my hair today. And now it's at my chin level. My mum said it's ok. My little bro said I look more petite and my dad said I look no different.. Argh.... But overall, I quite like it. Light and refreshing. Going to surprise Hubb later on skype webcam. I can't imagine how cool it is. Far better than msn in terms of transmission, no longer lagging so much. Thank god for skype. It definitely make me feel so much closer to him. 

Come Monday, I am going to have my detailed ultrasound scan done. I'm nervous and excited and will be alone too... Nevertheless, I still need to face it. 

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