Hectic Week

Feb 2, 2009

Moved back to PIL's place to stay temporary for a week. The 1st night was weird. Waking up in a different environment but with our own bed and hearing the birds chipped early in the morning even before the morning sun rises. Dammit.

Hubb will be leaving this Saturday and I will be shifting back to my parents' place. It's been slightly more than a year since I've moved out but the feeling is strange but oh so familiar.

We went shopping for Hubb's winter clothing yesterday. It's just a 2 months' trip but spent almost $700. I can't believe how much I am going to spend when it's my turn to come for 1.5 yrs. Well at least, I do not think I will be out of the house so every often. Managed to drop by Borders and browse some magazines and books. Got 1 recipe book for bb titled 'Yummy Baby' which set me at $30 but I think the content are very useful and I can see myself really putting them into good use. Did not bought the other 3 books which I have mentioned in my previous post as I managed to borrow them from the library. Will finished reading them before deciding to buy as they doesn't come cheap.

Had been suffering from seriously congested nose at nights and woke up this morning and found out I'm actually falling sick. Went to see doc and hope I can recover soon to move on with those packing. Had been using 'Breathe Right' for nights now. It sure helps me breathe at least. It's been a torture. Poor Reyes was sick too and I hope he can really get well soon. He's just a small little kid. Spare him the pain and suffering.

Will be popping by furniture shop later on to purchase mattress for the tenant. Will start packing my Kitchen and my Pink room over the weekends while Hubba is gone. I am sad that we are leaving this house and I know Hubba is too.

All for a fresh new start. A total different life. And I am looking forward to it.

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