BB#1 Pregnancy Week 25

Mar 26, 2009

Now weighing at 44.5kg. It's about 6kg weight gain so far and I'm so proud of myself. I have never weigh so heavy in my entire life and I really mean it! But my back is suffering though. All the weight goes to the baby bump and I can definitely feel the stress it's putting on me now. Lately, I have been walking around more often intending to keep myself more fit. And I have borrowed some books from library on simple exercises which I can do at home myself. Hopefully there will be some pre-natal classes for me to attend over at USA. 

Baby is still ever active as usual but sometimes the punching and kicking can make me really jerk in the middle of whatever I am doing and sometimes especially in public, it can be rather awkward :P As the bump keeps getting bigger, the stare that I received from people is even more obvious. Sometimes I really hate it but no choice, I have to live with it. 

Went with my mum to do her physiotherapy today and on the train to and fro, people actually volunteering give up their seats to me and I'm so grateful. I guess the bump really shows now. Hubb is coming home on the 6th Apr and I really can't wait to let him touch my bump.

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