Confinement & How to be un-bored.

Mar 27, 2009

Finally decided that perhaps it's a good idea to engage a confinement lady. My colleague has a relative who always fly around to help people out with their confinements such as USA, Taiwan & Malaysia. Just received a call from her saying she may not be available as her husband is not feeling too good but she can seek her friends' help in the states to check who is available for help. Browsed through the internet and realized that there are certain states which actually have confinement centers that are open by Taiwanese. The price is around US$3-5K  for confinement period I think. It's all in traditional chinese a bit hard to understand though. If my colleague's relative is able to help out, it will be best but if not, I guess I will stick back to my initial plan. 

Just had a brief  chat with Hubb over Skype and he's off to Hooters having some oysters. Doesn't it rhyme? Lucky guy and here I am stuck at home with nowhere to go. Weather is quite warm to even let me consider stepping out of the house. I guess I will take a nap and maybe off to P.S to do some shopping at Spotlight later. 

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