Daydreaming & Wedding

Mar 7, 2009

It's just another boring day. Went to check out Tiffany website and was browsing through diamond rings. And found the most gorgeous ring. My favorite emerald cut. It's just simply charming and mesmerizing.

The other day while attending one relative's wedding, I have a sudden urge to  have a formal wedding. I remembered when we were watching the movie 'Bride's War', Hubby mentioned that the wedding gown Kate Hudson was wearing is pretty. And he said I would look lovely in it. Suddenly, I dream of having a city garden wedding as well... But I still think I want to hold it with my best friends & family around me. So it shall be in Singapore even if we are going to have one in the near future.

Then 1 daydream leads to another...

Perhaps we can have our wedding shoot taken in Idaho with our baby in tow after giving birth. We will have it taken in Fall. I am sure it will be going to be very beautiful. Below is a picture which I have stumbled upon sometime back. It looks very pretty. 

I don't know. I believe I have reached a certain stage in my life that I feel to yearn for a proper wedding. Holding official customary tea ceremony and the traditional wedding dinner. Maybe it's the baby. Somehow it's weird not to have gone through these procedures and then suddenly have a baby. But 1 thing that I am proud is that the baby is able to share with us the joy of everything. 

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