Mar 21, 2009

Even though I have been catching a lot of sleep lately, I still seem to feel very tired. Take for example, the dream I had the night before, it definitely woke me up making me so upset and disappointed. I dreamt that I went for  a c-sec instead of a natural birth and the best thing is I don't even know I'm giving birth. When I woke up, I asked Hubb whether gynae did get him to cut the umbilical cord and he said no and there we were presented with a baby. It seems so real but unreal at the same time. What a dream right? The experience of pushing the baby out when you are carrying it full term and suddenly you are not even participating in it and you got a baby. 

I remembered when I was in Primary 6 going for my 'knotted intestine' operation, my cousin asked me do you feel scared. I said no. Indeed I was really fearless at that time but it's the aftermath (pain & nauseous) that got into me other than that, I don't think the operation is that scary at all. Maybe giving birth & having an operation is 2 different things but at least I have gone through the experience before I can somehow anticipate what is coming.

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