Shopping over the weekend

Mar 29, 2009

Had a wonderful day yesterday shopping with Ade & little Reyes and it's really the best decision that we both ever made together to bring along the pram. Haha. I can now understand how active a kid can be at this age. Nevertheless, it's a very good experience and I really enjoyed it although by the time I get home, I can feel my body breaking into half. Yes and my feets are also swollen as well. But at least we did managed to do a little bit of our own shopping. Actually Reyes had been rather well-behaved except when he's getting sleepy. It's really fun. Before the shopping really starts, we went Sushi Tei for our late lunch. Bought 2 tops from Zara and some under garments from La Senza.

Today I went to do some shopping again by myself at Century Square. Bought a top which caught my eyes at Mango yesterday but didn't buy and 1 additional pants. I hope the pants are still wearable after pregnancy. 

Some photos from our shopping trip yesterday and the male lead is Reyes.         

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