Twins visit

Mar 23, 2009

Went over to my cousin's place today and played with the twins. They are just simply adorable. They are now 6 months old. Time flies. It was only how long ago that I post photos of them just out from hospital.

Now Sarah's looking bigger than Noah but Noah is the muscular one. With the hands and thighs like those of a sumo wrestler. Their characters seem to be have swopped over the months. Sarah being the big sister used to be the noisy one and Noah to be the quiet chap. But it seems it's no longer that way. Ha.. He keep mumbling all the way and smiling and played throughout with Sarah sulking & crying (perhaps she's too hungry). As I am still suffering from my flu, I dare not hold them for fear of passing my flu to them. 

My Keira is very lucky to have so many hand-me-down clothing from cousin Sarah. I think I just need to buy more winter clothing & sweaters. Babies really outgrown themselves very fast. Seeing them I really can't wait for Keira to pop out. Life will just be the 3 of us. I think it will be a very great challenge and hopefully we can all pull through together. 

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