What we have been up to in the past week... 忙碌的一個星期。

Apr 30, 2009

Recapping on what's been going for the past 1 week.


First Day. 第一天.

Went to settle admin stuff early in the morning. Didn't have a very good sleep mostly due to jet lag. Woke up at 5+am at local time and waited till 8am before getting ready and heading off for the day. Weather is not bad today.


Proceeded to have our social security ID done which is equivalent to our IC and headed to the bank to open an account.
Followed by the housing board to collect our keys.

今天最重要的就是把我們的當地身分證做好和到銀行開戶口。接著到 housing board 簽名拿屋子。

Things are progressing a bit slower than expected because Hubby needs to go to work the 2nd day we arrive so it took us some time to settle down. We have been staying at the inn for the past 1 week. Afternoons are spent at George & Eunice's place for lunch and waiting for the guys to come back for dinner in the evening. 


Was being informed that we need to shift out from the inn once we got our keys so went to get our sofa, mattress, recliner & washing machine so that we can have a proper place to sleep in. Went car hunting during the weekend but did not manage to find anything. Practiced driving in base with George sitting beside me in his Chevrolet SUV and I got the hang of it pretty fast although I think this is the next biggest thing I have ever driven apart from my dad's van. 

收到消息說但我們拿到了家鑰匙就得隔天搬離旅館。因此我們趕緊買了沙發,床墊,活動躺椅 和洗衣機。周末就到博伊西看車可是沒有看到喜歡的。在軍地有練習試駕George的大型的越野車感覺還不錯。這輛應該是我駕過第二輛最大型的車除了老爸的貨車。

Need to go and have my theory test & practical test taken as soon as possible so that I can have an official valid license driving here. Right now, my S'pore license can only let me drive for 6 months and that's it.


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