Journey: Flying off to Idaho

Apr 23, 2009

Alright, where should I start now? There's so much stuff to pin down. Our itinerary is to fly to Narita, Japan and then transit in San Fransico to Boise where we will be picked up by the airforce guys and drive about 45 mins to the base. For a pregnant women in her 29 weeks and travelled more than 30 hours. I think it's really an achievement. Kudos to myself!

我應該從那裡開始呢?太多想寫。我們的行程是從新加坡坐八個鐘頭的飛幾到日本。然後再坐九個鐘頭到三番市。最後到達博伊西由空軍派來的巴士接我們到軍地。路程大概是45分鐘。要一個孕婦坐超過30個鐘頭的行程 我真的很佩服自己。

It begins to rain very heavily when we are about to fly and due to some technical issue with the cabin door at the Changi Airport and were delayed for about 30 minutes. Not a very good start. 


Waiting for the plane to take off. Location: Changi Airport 

Arrived in Japan at 3.30pm their local time which is 2.30pm Singapore time.

Poser in action. 

Me being more decent. 

At the snack shop and bought the famous Tokyo banana and Doraemon pancake. Location: Narita Airport

Had our lunch at the food court and ordered a portion of curry pork cutlet. This is simply heaven and absolutely delicious. Hubby ordered it and was given a device which resemble a walkie talkie. Once our order is ready, it will beep and we will proceed to collect our order. Isn't it cool? 

在日本的食閣吃了一飩午餐點了一份咖哩豬扒飯。簡致是人間美食。點了之後,侍應生給了我們一個好像walkie talkie 的一樣東西。當我們的訂當好了依後,手幾會嗚叫然後就去柜台拿食物。

Hubby checking out the device.

The pork cutlet was fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside but soft tender and juicy inside. Yummy... I want to try it again maybe 1.5 yrs later when we are coming back to transit back to Singapore . 


Simply fantastic curry Pork Cutlet. Location: Narita Airport.  

Us posing with the plane on the ceiling. Location: Boise Airport. Nothing much for us to take photo but I think it's simply because we both are damn tired. 

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