8th Street. 第八街。

May 22, 2009

4 days long weekend for us this week. Today was our Family day and upcoming Monday is USA memorial day. Went downtown Boise today and check out 8th street. It's suppose to be something like Clarke Quay and it's way happening than Mountain Home. I think that will be our favorite hangout place in future. 

這個周末我們有4天的長假。星期五是我們的家廳日和星期一是美國紀念天。今天我們到了Boise 的市區。這個地方有點像新加坡的克拉碼頭。我想我們已經找到我們未來會常去的地方。

But before 8th street, we dropped by Orient Market and as expected it's the most satisfying asian supermarket that I have visited so far. They do sell fresh fish and will cut and clean for you on the spot. I have already bought an ice-box to stock up fish next weekend when we are going there again. I can't wait to eat fish porridge! 


Alright back to 8th street at downtown Boise. Ever since we have touched down in Idaho, I have not come across carpark which needs to put parking coupons or pay parking charges. It's only till today that we met with a open space carpark which expect us to pay. 


Below is their payment system. You press your parking lot# and insert money follow by something else. But it's quite expensive about $5 for every evening after 5pm hence we skipped that and went to park at a multi-storey carpark. 


Parking Payment System at 8th Street

My tummy looks more like a balloon.

One of my favorite shop which I still have not got a chance to enter... Anthroplogie.

Hospitality of the Nez Perce. Don't ask me what's that. I don't know either. Statues of 3 unidentified men.

The girls.

The guys.

Hubby's acting bug re-appears.

Us walking along downtown. Random pic.

Newspaper vending machine

Us in front of Starbucks building. Not very well-taken cause of the photographer la.

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