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May 27, 2009

Yesterday should be Dumpling Festival in Singapore. This is the 1st time that I am so missing rice dumpling. I love rice dumpling especially the nonya flavor with minced pork and mild spicy. Mm... the thought of it already make me hungry. Why didn't I learn how to make before? But anyway, even if I know how to make, it's quite difficult to get all the ingredients over here especially the leaves itself. 


The other day, I tried to make korean bulgogi which is sliced marinated beef with steamed white rice. It turns out to be a tack salty perhaps I didn't add enough sugar. But overall, I find it pretty good. Sometimes I can't help but so proud of myself. 

And had my 1st attempt on cooking wonton mee as well. Well, the mee kia which I got it ready-made from asian supermarket and used the CP Wonton which surprisingly was sold in the wholesales market. Made my own gravy and cooked up some minced pork. Hubby said I should add more sauce to the mee other than that it will be perfect but too bad I didn't took any photo. Was too hungry to shoot. This is how hunger can motivate you to cook something which you never even thought of trying before. You will be thinking why should I cook myself. Just go down to hawker centre and pay $3 to get a bowl of nice wonton mee. 


Cooked mum's specialty ayam ponteh last night. The smell is quite similar and the taste I think is lacking something but overall it tastes pretty good. Only left the below pic as I was hungry again and this bowl was reserved for Hubby.


My 1st attempt on Ayam Ponteh

The other day when we went down to Boise. I suddenly have a craving for A&W hence Hubby brought me there but it's a pity the taste of the hot dog bun + root beer float is not as good as before. How I miss them. 


Remember the wild rabbit I saw in our backyard. I managed to capture it on camera last night or rather Hubby did. Can you see it? It's in the middle of the photo. It just sit still at the same spot for quite sometime before sky turns dark. How cute.


Thought the purple flower blooming in front of our house look fabulous. Enjoy the photo!

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