BB#1 Pregnancy Week 32. 懷孕第32周。

May 14, 2009

Another week gone by. My stomach is getting bigger & baby's kicks and punches are getting pretty hard. It's getting difficult to have a proper sleep lately. I keep having dreams lately and most of my dreams I dreamt of my family back in Singapore. I like these dreams. Occasionally I will have some nightmares but it's not a lot. Perhaps it's the due date approaching which makes me more tense and nervous. But I am ready to deal with it. 


Had attended the hospital orientation class few days ago and Bundles for Babies class today. The classes are free and they are quite informative. Today the nurse gave us 2 bundles of freebies from Gerber's. I estimate their cost to be about US$50 at least. It's worth to attend this kind of classes. You get to learn and you get to have free stuff. CDs were given as well on "How-To" and video guide to Pregnancy. Where can you find that in Singapore? The nurses are friendly and you are welcome to call them anytime whenever you need help. This is quite an assurance for new mummies to be.


Following up, I will be attending the Baby care basics and Couples communication together with Hubby. There are a few other classes on improving marriage life which I think we can give it a try. They do really encourage couples to take classes together over here. Surprisingly, Hubby is also willing to go for the Dad's class alone by himself but too bad, the date falls on a Friday but if he's able to take off that day and attend, I think it will be very useful. I had already heard some feedbacks from the Dads in our today's class.


Basically, we have bought much of the needed baby stuff except maybe the breast pumps. Below are our purchases from our last few visits to Babies R Us. Nursery is not done up yet as the main key baby items are not here yet. Once up, I will post more pics. 


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