Fruitful weekend. 充實的周末。

May 18, 2009

We had fun during the weekend.


Celebrated one of the enciks' birthday, Loga, at Ricky's house. He turned 40 and we had a simple birthday celebration for him. Lots of booze & drinks. The night brought me back to Singapore where it's all so heart-warming.


The group of monkeys

The birthday boy


1st stop went to have a look at the garage sale which they normally hold beside the railway track every Saturday and bought a 2-piece (5-seaters) high chairs which set us at US$125. I love it the moment I saw it and Hubby agreed that it's very unique and nice and definitely will blend into our house in Singapore. Hence there goes the moolah.


The railway track

Next we drove up to Boise to meet the rest of the group. Lunch was at the China grand buffet This is the only decent chinese place that I found the taste is to our liking apart from the one we frequent right outside the base called Golden Crown (ok more on Golden Crown later). From there, we proceed to Asia market to get some groceries. No idea why they like to go Asia market so much I prefer Orient market. I will make sure Hubby bring me to Orient market the next time.


Hubby driving at downtown Boise. Look at his wrinkled tee. Iron haven't arrive yet.

Typical road scenery on our way to Boise from Mountain Home

Next, we move on to Nike factory outlet downtown at Meridian with Babies R Us just by the corner. Even though we have went there several times, we don't normally pass by the factory outlet. Bought 2 shorts, 1 fleece pants and 2 tees for myself and Hubby bought 2 tees all for just US$60.


Fred Meyer was our next stop but nothing much to buy over there. The group split afterwards and Hubby brought me to the Cheesecake Factory which I have been lamenting to go for a week. The food portion is *cking huge and I need to box each time I go out to eat but.... the cheesecake is delicious!!! Price is mid-range I would say and service is very good. We have personal server to our table. 


Interior Decor of Cheesecake Factory

Complimentary Bread

Fried Onion Rings. These were good.

Hubby's Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp with mild spicy peanut sauce. This was not bad either.

My pasta bolognese. More on the salty side. Not very nice. Couldn't finish even 1/3 of it.

The ever popular traditional cheesecake with fresh strawberries. It was delicious! 

And after dinner, we went to Boise Towne Square mall which is still inside the parameter of where The Cheesecake Factory is and this time, we did some real shopping for ourselves. Hubby bought some stuff from American Eagle and also 1 bodyuit for Keira at Gap for only US$11.00 and for me, I bought 2 tees from Aeropostale as they are on sale 2 for US$20. 



By then, it's already 9pm which the shopping mall is about to close and that's when we end our day.



Had breakfast at home and sent Hubby off for his driving lessons. Alone shopping at Commissary aka the supermarket on base and did some grocery shopping again... His lesson is about 2 hrs hence I decided to drive out of the base and have macdonald's lunch and meet him there straight after.


I had a driving test appointment  scheduled at 4.30pm and since the time is still early, we decided to drop by Wal-mart and guess what, YES, grocery shopping again. Haha... Afterwards, drove to Albertsons supermarket where I will be meeting the tester. All in all, the test took about 20 minutes and it's just left/right turn and practically that's it. And I PASSED! Ahh Ha. I'm a happy lady. 

4.30pm 就是我的駕駛測驗。測驗只用了20分鐘。總之我安全的通過!

Hubby decided to bring his car back into base to wash before having our dinner and off we go. BUT it's only after the washing that he decided to go explore C.J strike dam. Turned out to be a fantastic drive with beautiful sceneries and have our 1st encounter with the ever deadliest rattlesnake. By the time, we got home. The car is dirty again. There goes his effort in washing the car. 

通過考試後我們去把我們的車給好好的清洗一遍。但洗了之後,坤仔建議去 C.J strike dam 看一看。風景很漂亮。回家的路途中又把車子弄髒了。

Our way down to Strike Dam
去Strike Dam的路途中

View at Strike Dam
Strike Dam的風景

Me looking fat & tired with double chin and Hubby

Me enjoying the scenery 

BBQ pit available for public use. Nice place for picnic and camping.

Bumped into rattlesnake on our way back in the middle of the road. Too bad, it's not rattling... Do not worry. Pic taken from the car.

On the cliff.

The route which we took to come down. Quite dangerous. We try to keep in the center unless there are vehicles approaching.

Doesn't this look like Cape Town's table mountain? Ha...

I want to do these all again. Haven't really knew how fun can an exploration can be since I got pregnant. This is just the perfect place for motorcrossing too.


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