Perrine Bridge / Snake River & Shoshone Falls

May 24, 2009

In Idaho, there's a spectacular waterfall called the Shoshone Falls. It's located east 5 miles from Twin Falls through the Snake River and it has a title called "Niagara of the West". The best view is to visit the place during spring or early summer because as the weather turns warm, the snow on top of the mountains begin to melt hence resulting the flow of the falls to be fast.

在愛達荷州 Idaho,有一個最壯觀的瀑布叫 Shoshone Falls, 它是坐落位於 Twin Falls 的東方大約5英里,且順沿著蛇河 Snake River,且又有「西方的尼加拉瀑布 Niagara of theWest」之稱。這最好觀賞的季節是在春天和初夏因為天氣愈來愈暖和了,冬天山上的雪已經開始融化了,這意味著河流的水量開始充沛了往Twin Falls的方向駛去Shoshone Falls 212 feet ( 64.7 m ),且比尼加拉瀑布Niagara Falls還要高。尼加拉瀑布Niagara Falls167 feet ( 52m ),且介於加拿大和美國兩國邊界 。很壯觀。

On the way, we drove passed the famous I.B Perrine Bridge. It is stretched along both sides of the Snake River Canyon. The bridge was built in September 1927 and it was one of the world tallest bridge. All the cars in the past need to be a "toll fee" but as it was getting unpopular. They have abandoned the system in 1940 and now all cars are allowed to pass by freely.

在中途時,我們行駛在一座有名大橋上 ---  I.B. Perrine BridgePerrine Bridge是横跨在蛇河峽谷Snake River Canyon的兩端, 從河面上起高486 feet (148 m),全長1,500 feet (457 m),。這座橋最初建於是在1927年的9月,且當時是世界最高的大橋。以前所有的車子,都必須要付通行費,但是因為不受歡迎,所以在1940年取消了通行費的規定。

The activity that you can usually find on the bridge will be the base jump. It's something similar to parachuting but this was done from the bridge instead. 

西方的民族性偏愛冒險的活動包括在I.B. Perrine Bridge BASE Jumping 是受熱愛人們喜愛的一座橋。

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