BB#1 Pregnancy Week 35. 懷孕第35周。

Jun 5, 2009

Just left less than 1 month before my due date. I'm getting nervous as well as excited. Sleep is not improving yet. Still having insomnia sometimes. This weekend we will be going nowhere but to stay at home and do a thorough clean up and assemble baby crib. I'm very worried that I can't take care of the baby well. Hubby will be taking 2 weeks off during my confinement to take care of me. 


Went to see gynae on Tuesday and was very eager to find out the result of the ultrasound scan which I did 2 weeks back. 
She mentioned I do not have to worry much because I'm a little person hence naturally the baby will tend to be little but she's thriving well. Can't she just tell me how heavy or how long is the baby now? The way they work here sometimes can make you vomit blood.

I asked so shall we talk about my birth plan today? Guess what she replied. Birth plan is not necessary as it will always not go according to plan. We will have to see what way does the baby wants to come out before making a decision. What?! You need to at least let me know whether the baby is big enough to go through natural birth or recommend an alternative right? The gynae is not making me feel ease but more nervous about it. But since she said I'm doing all fine at the moment, she will see me in 2 weeks' time. I hope she can give me some better guidance by then.




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