BB#1 Pregnancy Week 37. 懷孕第37周。

Jun 15, 2009

Went to visit gynae this morning and was told that I have already dilated 3 cm. However, I don't feel anything throughout. I only told her that I thought I have a bad tummy ache because Hubby had one too and was thinking whether it's the food we had on the previous night. So to confirm, she put me onto a machine and monitor my contractions for 1 hour. It's happening every 10-15 mins but contractions was not so bad so I feel rather ok. The nurse said I may give birth tonight so I have to be prepared or if not, it's just a few days away. The heartbeat of the baby and everything are all healthy and they are rather confident that I will go through the natural birth.


Now I'm anxiously waiting at home with nearly all the stuff ready. Hubby took off today to standby. If it's not happening tonight, I will get him to go back work tomorrow and shall call if there's really anything happen. I'm excited! Finally the moment is approaching...


Mum & Dad, I will get someone to call you back once I give birth. Don't worry about me. I'm all prepared!


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Anonymous said...

yay! finally~ take care ya! waiting for good news here!