Life with Baby - Week 2。生活 ﹣寶寶兩周大。

Jul 2, 2009

To be frank, taking care of a baby is really not easy. I am getting sleep-deprived and sometimes rather emotional. But I'm telling myself to look on the bright side. 9 months of pregnancy and finally baby is out. It should be an enjoyment to be taking care of her.


I am not sure why but I am missing home badly. I wish there's another extra helping hand over here although Hubby is doing a great job. I kinda feel that I can't cope handling her alone. Maybe it's my 1st time and I should really give myself time to adjust to motherhood. I'm trying to be positive every day but sometimes meltdown do happens.


At this moment, she's taking her feed every 3 hrs. Breast feeding is getting better with the help of the nipple shield but the drawback is I do not know how much intake she got. So I will latch her on at times and then pump out the breast milk into bottles with formula top up. And not to mention, the stupid breast engorgement, it's practically torturing me but at least, it's getting better now. I am thinking how long I can sustain to continue feeding her with breast milk.


Right now, she's doing pretty well. Went for last checkup few days ago and was informed that she had gained some weight which is a good news.


Below are the photos taken at 2 weeks old.

Perhaps it's still early to decide but should I really give her a full botak cut or just a simple cut during her full month? I feel it's a bit wasted seeing the beautiful hair she's having now.

Self-entertaining while I'm having my lunch.

Daddy feeding her.

I still remember when I was in Primary 1 or 2 when I was still using my bottle every morning to take my milk before going to school. Yes go ahead and laugh at me. And then one morning thinking that it's my usual milk bottle I went on to suck only to realize that I got dubbed. It's not milk but his thumb. Even though it's been so long ago, I can still remember clearly.


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