Life with Baby - Week 3。生活 ﹣寶寶三周大。

Jul 15, 2009

Keira is turning 1 month old soon. We will be planning a bbq party at our front yard this saturday for her. Called home and checked with Dad & MIL. Both said just give the baby a simple trim instead of following the traditional way to cut totally bald. That's a relief to hear that. I do not want to see my baby with a botak head.


Lately, poor baby has not been feeling very well. Has been suffering from slight tear in her rectum due to the unsuitability of the milk formula and since then, we had done a switch uder Pedi's instruction. It's no wonder why she's been behaving cranky for the past 1 week. It's so unlike of her from the day when we took her home. These few days she seems to be getting better but pooping is not very frequent. I gave a call to the Pedi this morning and checked with him and he said it's normal unless she really went poop-less for 3-4 days then it's a concern to be raised. Fortunately, right after the phone, she pooped.


Her appetite has been getting bigger lately as well. At this moment, she needs about 1 feeding every 2 hours ranging from 2 - 3 oz which normally she will just take 3 oz every 3 hours. During the last visit, we were told that she had gained about a pound and 2cm longer. Really glad to hear that. At least, we are doing quite a pretty good job.

胃口開始也越來越大。每兩個小時要喝2﹣3oz 之前都是每三個小時。上個禮拜去了健查,寶寶重了1磅和身體長了2cm。

For this coming full month celebration, we will be inviting closed friends & neighbours over for a bbq party and I really can't wait. This is also a celebration to the end of my torturing confinement! I need to bathe everyday! I will be making red eggs and baking small muffins & cupcakes for those not invited and Hubby will distribute around. We practically can't accommodate so many guests in our tiny house. Friends will help out to cook curry, fry bee hoon & marination. I will just prepare a simple potato salad and make more mini cupcakes on that day.


People asked whether Keira's having double eyelid or single eyelid. From the photos, you may think it's single eyelid but she really does have double eyelid which is not pretty obvious. It's only obvious when she's crying her lungs out. Does that count? Haha... Anyway, I feel that she has really change in terms of appearance and her face is definitely getting chubbier. I hope she will grow even faster so that she can wear those lovely clothes that everyone has been buying for her.

Keira enjoying herself on the newly bought bouncer. This is a life-saviour.

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