Baby Keira at 5 weeks old. 5周大的寶寶。

Aug 2, 2009

Milestones of Baby Keira at Week 5:

1. She is able to make eye contacts with us now and concentrates much better when we are communicating with her.
2. She is able to differentiate what's milk and what's water. How smart.
3. She is able to make lots of facial expression and it's really cute sometimes.
4. She now knows when is night time when I play the classical music for her everyday before her bed time.



Yesterday, she behaved super cranky when we took her out. So unlike of her as compared to last weekend. It must be the super hot weather over here. It hit 41 degree celsius yesterday. Even when we were sitting in the car, we can literally felt the heat from outside still. Poor Keira was melting away, sweating and crying her lungs out while we were bringing the newly arrived singles out shopping for their car.


In the end, we went ahead first to Boise Towne Square mall to feed her milk and to enjoy the air con. Man it was rather packed. I guess lots of people are hiding in the malls to get away from the heat too.


Bought 3 microfiber tights in beige, black and pink from The Children's Place for Keira to wear since most of her bottoms can't fit her well too and it's ugly to see her wearing diapers only and finally managed to find a sun hat which she can fits nicely. And finally bought a sunscreen meant for baby plus insect repellents. She all set to go fishing with us.


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