Happening Week & my Keira turns 2 months old. 開心假日﹠寶寶2個月大了。

Aug 23, 2009

This week Keira's been having stuffy nose and some phlegm in her throat so decided on Thursday to take her to the urgent care in the base hospital as the pediatrician whom she is usually seeing was fully booked for the day. This is USA, you have to know. So even no matter how sick your baby is, you need to fix appointments. Duh right?!

這星期寶寶有點感冒於是帶她到醫院。可是因為平時看她的醫生的預約都滿了我們只好到急診室 。所以凡事都得預約不管有多嚴重因為這是美國!!!

In the end after waiting for 3 good hours with only 4 patients in front of us, the doctor just said "I don't have any medicine for your baby. You just need to wait for her to get well within 10-14 days." So you should know by now I have pretty given up on the kind of medical treatment we can get here. What the hell I feel like saying but aiyah what to do. We are in their land. So went home and fed her with the chinese herbal powder called Pak Poh Powder from Eu Yang San. Hope she will be fine soon.


So came Friday, we took her for her 2 months immunization. She had 2 injections & 1 oral medication. Her scream for each of the injections lasted 2 secs or so but that must be the most piercing scream I have ever heard from her. We both got a shock but after that, she's all fine. Mum said that baby normally develops fever after these injections so we really keep a close monitor on her throughout the whole day. Thankfully, her fever is not that high and she got better the very next day. So off to Boise we go on Saturday.


This could be the perfect passport photo

Keira & her smelly Daddy still in his working attire

On our way to Boise and here she's taking her nice little nap with the cute sun-hat that seems a bit tight on her now... Wahaha.


Perhaps she need to go on a diet.

Had our lunch at Chiang Mai Thai restaurant just next to the Orient Market. Food is okay only. I won't be visiting for the 2nd time.

在Orient Market隔壁的泰國餐廳吃。不是很好吃也不會去第二次了。

Egg drop soup. This is the soup that they serve in every Asian restaurants.

My stir fry chicken rice. It's not bad except too many jalapenos and mint leaves!

Because we woke up very early to catch the Macy's sales (but didn't buy anything in the end). We are out of programs by 2pm. Yes it's still too early to be back home on a Saturday so I suggested that we go to the local botanical garden. However, they had a bug show that day and by the time we got there, we only left about 30mins so we decided to skip that and wandered around nearby.

因為我們很早就出門了所以到了2pm 我們沒地方去了。我建議到植物園。到了那裡因為有昆虫的展覽會但是因為開到4pm我們3點多才到,所以覺得不划算沒進去就到附近走走。

There is this lovely little house called Bishop's Home right at the end of the other side of Botanical Garden with very pretty garden. And on this day, a couple is having their garden wedding in the backyard. The bride looks very pretty.


See those tables out there. They are for the wedding.

So on the other side was the Old Penitentiary which was closed down in 1973. It looks so mysterious to me even though it does looks bit eerie. Wanted to go in to explore but Hubby said maybe next time.


Entrance to the tour of the Penitentiary


I am not sure why there is this mine museum at the corner of the Penitentiary but decided to drop in to have a look nevertheless.


Pretty fossils. My dad will love them.
美的化石. 老爸一定會喜歡。

Me with Keira at the bus stop in front of Botanical garden.

So after that, we wandered into neighborhood estates where there are so many pretty houses. I guess this is the Sixth Ave of Singapore called The Paseo. All the houses are at the top of the mountains and here we are. Dare not take too many photos as there is 'Neighbors Watch'. We just pretended we are residents there. Haha...


And after the sightseeing of those beautiful homes, it was still early and decided to drive 34 miles up to Idaho City. Takes about 1.5 hrs and totally regretted as there's nothing to see. Just a plain old boring town.

看了那麼多漂亮的房子時間還早便開車了34去 Idaho City。路程大該1個半中頭。後悔因為沒什麼好看的。

On our way to Idaho City. Very pretty scenery.

Reached Idaho City and was utterly disappointed.

到了Idaho City好失望。

Stretch of shop-houses in Idaho City.

On our way back. Now it's summer a lot of people are bringing out their boats.

So in the end, we had a rather tiring but fun trip with Keira being so well-behaved. Count ourselves lucky. And we were all so zonked out by the time we reached home.


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