Online Purchase: Printer

Aug 8, 2009

Well, it's really time for us to get a printer. I have always wanted to get one when we first got here reasons being:

1. To print out baby photos and arrange them in photo albums by her weekly growth progress.
2. To print out discount coupons for in store purchase. The savings are quite substantial I must say.
3. To print out list of items that I need to help my SG friends to purchase.
4. To print out educational stuff for baby to learn. (You all must be saying I'm kiasu right? Well, since I've nothing to do at home but to face her everyday, I might as well get her started early.)

And after months of searching for the best deal, I finally found this HP C4680 online for just US$68.90 after a $20 cash rebate & a $15 discount code which I got. The best thing is it's in dual voltage which means I can bring back to SG to use.

And now I just have to wait for the FedEx lady to deliver the package to my doorstep. :)

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