Baby Keira at 10 weeks old. 10周大的寶寶.

Sep 11, 2009

Now the best thing for me to start a fresh new day is to see Keira giving us the whole sweetest smile every morning. We will always awake to seeing her cooing by herself in her cot or sometimes on our bed if I were to give her a feeding at 6+am before we drift back to sleep again).


Now our daily routine is usually like this:


9am-10am Wake Up. Me washing up first and then change Keira out of her PJ and give her a good wipe on her face, change diaper, apply lotion & feed her with water. Shortly after, I will give her the next feeding.

9am-10am 起身。我先梳洗結著跟寶寶換衣服,擦身體,換尿布,擦潤膚膏 跟喝水。過不久,喂她喝奶。

10am-12pm After her feeding, we will usually play for a short while and she will be taking her very short morning nap while I prepare lunch.

10am-12pm 喂完之後,我們會玩一下結著她就睡一下。我就利用這個時間準備午餐。

1pm-4pm Same routine. Feeding, playing & napping

1pm-4pm 喝奶,玩耍 和睡午覺。

4pm-5pm Normally I will take her out for a walk or to the playground and sit on the swing. She loves it.

4pm-5pm 我通常會帶她到外頭走走或去遊樂場玩。

5pm-7pm Feeding & playing

5pm-7pm 喝奶﹠玩耍

7pm-8pm Bathing time and follow by her last feeding and off to sleepyland she goes.

7pm-8pm 跟她沖涼結著喂她最後一次然候給她睡。

8pm-12am I will prepare some light dinner, take a shower, do some surfing and zonk out as well.

8pm-12am 我會準備晚餐,沖個涼,上網然後也跟著睡。

Above routine is if Hubby is doing his late shift and if he's working early shift, the lunch & dinner preparation will be vice versa.


Lately, I have been printing out flash cards that are meant for infant stimulation and she seems to love it and can concentrate well or maybe sometimes only. Or if not playing with those cards, I will be telling her bedtime stories or nursery rhymes. I feel like I'm a kindergarten teacher. Haha...


I can't imagine when she attend school and that's when homework come in and I have to help her with it. I myself hate homework. How can I possibly teach her well? *thinking*


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