After Summer... 過了夏天

Oct 5, 2009

Summer is gone... and now come Fall. Tree leaves are beginning to change colors. It's been raining more frequently now. And we need to dress warmly before heading out now. What a chore! Keira seems to love it though. Some pictures of her from last week. She turned 14 weeks old and no longer likes tummytime. It's hard for me to get her to play while for at least 1-2 mins is still ok. Anything longer than that she will scream.


Over the weekend, we celebrated Mooncake Festival at Jane's place and even Susan's sis-in-law joined us together with her Japanese husband and cute daughter, Colliet. We had a fun time having steamboat and playing poker. Stayed until 1+am.


Yesterday, we wanted to have a few rounds of bowling games only to realize that they have a league going on so we proceeded back to our place and played Monopoly. It's been years since I played. Oh how I miss it. Only managed to play for a few hours as one of the couples need to go home and rest early to prepare for their 2 weeks roadtrip.


Today, my order for the Baby Bjorn carrier and the Skip Hop diaper bag came.


I have been looking around for a good diaper bag for quite sometime. The one that I am using now is actually given by the hospital but I find it quite small and not roomy at all. This can be adjusted and strap onto a stroller as well. And best of all, it doesn't have any buttons or zips but strong magnetic closures througout. Simply accessible.

For the Baby Bjorn carrier, I reckon it's so much convenient than the cloth sling that I am using now. And I chose the color, orange, so that Hubby can use it as well. It will come in handy for our Utah trip.

I guess it's time for us to shop for a lightweight stroller soon too. I hardly do shopping for myself now. Well, I guess that's the way it goes once you are upgraded to a mother.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Baby Bjorn Spirit carrier

The weather has been like below 10 degree most of the time. It's really chilly and it's even worse when it's windy. I really need to get a few more warmer tights for baby. Need a bit of tidying up as we will be leaving for Utah this weekend and won't have time to do much housework.


Did I mention there's no water coming out from the shower in my bedroom? I guess it's too cold that the pipe froze. Shucks... Now we need to use the common bathroom to shower. It's so troublesome. Housing maintenance said will takes between 2-5 days for them to send someone over. Argh.... sian.


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