you are what you think you are.

Sep 1, 2009

Many people upon knowing that we will be temporarily shifting to USA back then always asked me "how do I feel to move here with Hubby", "can you cope alone with the baby by yourself"?
At that point of time, I will always tell them "船到橋頭自然直". But deep in my heart, I'm scared. Perhaps I have never been away from home for so long let alone with a baby soon to be born. I indeed have a fear and feel like chicken out at the very last minute.


And then 4 months ago, we arrived here. Cooking & housework become part of my daily routines. Life has never been so dull & boring even though it's a good experience.


And then 2 months ago, Keira came into the world. She keeps my day really busy and it become really stressful after the 2nd week when she really become a mini devil. Sometimes, I will cry when I can't manage to coax her to stop crying. I thought I am such a loser seriously. WEAK is the only word to describe me. Each day when Hubby comes back home seeing me like that, I know he must be feeling stress too but I can't help it but to vent my frustration and anger on him. I thought I don't love my baby enough which is why I am feeling that way.


And now I am beginning to get the hang of taking care of her, it seems all easier than ever. Everyday I learn new things and each time seeing her smile just melt my heart. Nothing in the world can replace that seriously. I am so glad that I have overcome the toughest period although maybe there's more to come but I'm grateful for the way things are now.


Till now, I have never thought I can accomplish so much and really, you are what you think you are. If you think you can do it, you definitely can. I am proud to say that I am no longer the girl who is timid to anything new and am willing to go all out and explore and take up the challenge.


Just a thought that came to my mind and I feel I need to jot it down somewhere.

Lastly, a parting shot of me and Keira. She doesn't seem to be interested in having her photo taken. Pardon her crankiness.



Anonymous said...

so when is no 2 coming along? wahahhaha =p

Phyllis said...

next year! haha