Dinner at Sono Bana & Baby Keira at 16 weeks old. 晚餐在Sono Bana 和寶寶16周大。

Oct 18, 2009

Friday we had a Deepavali celebration at the base patio and Keira got to put on the bindhi on her forehead. Isn't she cute?! Haha.. My friend has a better photo of her. Below was her being all so cranky after we got home. She's very tired.


Seeing tree leaves turning colors everywhere is definitely a sign of autumn. The temperature in Mountain Home these few days are back to about 15-20 degree. Quite cooling. This is the perfect weather.


Hubby decided to drive down to Boise downtown to visit this scooter shop which catches his attention sometimes back and a big disappointment to him. It's just a tiny scooter shop with nothing much to see...


It's truly a blessing taking a stroll surrounded with beautiful trees on the street of Downtown Boise at the perfect temperature.


Went to Antropologie and bought a pair of beautiful oven mit for Stephanie since she loves baking a lot. It's so pretty that I feel like wanting a pair for myself.


So the highlight for the day is dinner at Sono Bana. This was highly reviewed online and also Susan & Jane been there before. All commented their food was nice. We had missed it 3 times due to special reason each to have dinner there.

晚餐在Sono Bana吃。好多人說很不錯所以我們也去試試看。真的很不錯。

The appetizer.

Our Chef's combination sushi and sashimi plate and salad.

It was a really lovely dinner minus Baby's crankiness. We will definitely be going there again. And next time, I would love to try their fried oyster.


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