My 30 before 30 list.

Oct 18, 2009

I chanced upon this blogger who is determined to complete 30 things before she turned 30 and she only have 6 months left. So I was thinking since I'm turning 28 this November with 2 more years to go. I should come up with a 'My 30 List' too.

Note: Not in chronological order.

1. Get a visible tattoo. I've been contemplating on this one for a long time. SOON...
2. Learn a foreign language. I would love to learn French 'cos to me this is the most romantic language ever.
3. Skinny dipping. Oops... Haha...
4. Getting a degree.
5. Have 1 more child. Preferably a boy.
6. Writing & publishing my own book. ACCOMPLISHED.
7. Spend at least 24 hours without my mobile phone & macbook. I know this is kind of impossible.
8. Have our bridal shoot taken and hold customary dinner. I want a live music band for my dinner and Keira as our flower girl.
9. To learn oil painting.
10. To have my career back once again.

It's so hard to come up with 30 things... I'm already cracking up my brain at just the 10th thing...

Soon to be continued... Stay tuned...

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