Park City Shopping Loot

Oct 14, 2009

Edited: I must thank Hubby for being so generous with me!

This time round due to the Columbus Day holiday, the sales are pretty good. We bought quite a few stuff. And at Coach, I've bought 2 bags and a few other small items for our family members. I managed to score a buttery orange flap leather hobo bag which was selling at Boise store some months back for $458 for only $100+ at the outlet. And it's the last piece. I think it's destined to be mine after all.

Their designs at the outlets seem to be only a few seasons back and not as outdated designs are I heard from my friends here. It's not so bad. Just at Coach alone. We spent quite a bit. I don't dare to wander in there for a long time as we are saving up for our long trip next year even though Hubby keep telling me to buy more. He's crazy.

The Nine West shop is a bit disappointment and I only managed to get 1 pair of heels. I love the soft leathery feel. Very comfortable and surprisingly, I wore a Size 5 instead of the usual Size 4.

Banana Republic blazer in Petite Size: 00P and it fits me to a T! From $199 down to $60+.

CK Military Inspired Jacket for only $30+. It's very warm. And the fedora which belongs to Hubby is only $10+.

Other than all these, we got a few tee shirts and 2 winter gloves from Adidas

For Keira, we did bought quite a few items too. Her best buy must be the pink Columbia Jacket for only $8. How cheap. I didn't know there's another further 50% discount down. It's a nice surprise. And I got an Oxford shirt from Polo Ralph for her too. And a few pieces from Osh Kosh and Gap baby too.

I wish I can shop longer but Keira don't allow me to do that at all. She's not being very co-operative during this trip. Children's clothings in USA are definitely much nicer and prettier than those in SG and not to add definitely cheaper too. I will be going to stock up on Keira's clothings up till 4 years of age before we get back to SG next July. Kiasu, right?

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