Park City/Salt Lake, Utah

Oct 14, 2009

Monday was Columbus Day hence we got ourselves a 3 days long weekend again. This time we are off to Utah. Drive takes about 4 hrs up. We nearly overslept but managed to wake up in time. We started our journey at 6.15am. It's still pretty pitch dark on the interstate highway.


Had a great time in Park City/Salt Lake. Well actually it's not that great but we try to think otherwise. It started with our GPS let us down by being black out during our search for a restaurant to have dinner on our 1st night. Then some kind of 'steady' friends we had and we went separate ways. And then while shopping on the 2nd day, we thought Keira's pacifier gone missing and only managed to find out after sometimes and it actually dropped into the stroller...

在Park City還滿好玩的。雖然不是如此但是勉強還好。首先我們的GPS突然不能造做。還是在晚上發生的。還好我還認得路回旅館。第二天,逛街到一半突然發現寶寶的奶嘴不見了結過花了一段時間才找到。原來掉在堆車裡。

But overall, I enjoyed it. Just the 3 of us. It's fun although it's tiring and a really long drive. Shopping was great as usual. Who don't like shopping? But shopping at about 4 degree weather and with a baby in tow. That's a challenge. We can only feed the baby and change her diapers in the car.


Sun rise... 日出。。。

Pretty scenery seen during our drive.

I love this small white house.

The mountains are beginning to be covered with snow at the top.

This is our stay for 2 nights, Powderwood Resort. It's actually quite pretty although the bathroom can be improved. Look at the beautiful fireplace but no, we didn't manage to play with the fireplace because we do not know how to set it up. The only down side is you can hear people walking around above us, the shower or tap running and people walking down the stairs right outside the main door.


The place where all the shopping starts. Tanger Outlet Mall.

These were taken when we were going up to visit the Utah Olympic Park for 2002 winter games. And it's free entrance.
這是在Utah 奧林匹克洞天運動在2002的場地。入門免費。

View from Down-slope

Look at the bobsled track behind us.

We went to visit the 2nd day since we didn't manage to cover the previous day due to baby being cranky.


We can't miss the beautiful scenery when going down from Olympic Park. The scenery is simply breathtaking.

Main Street on Park City.
Park City的Main Street。

Expensive dinner we had at this Japanese restaurant called Last Samurai. It should be called Last Meal because we will not go there again. Haha...

Lunch at New Ho Ho restaurant on our way back home. The food is ok. The roast duck makes me remind of home... No good.... Wanted to eat dim sum but they close on Mondays. Oh well, there's always next time.

回家的途中到了Salt Lake的中餐館吃午餐。燒鴨不錯有家的感覺。本來想吃點心可是拜一沒開。媽的。
So I conclude we will definitely come back to Utah once again. And I must eat the DIM SUM which everyone is raving about!!! Argh.....

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