Oct 18, 2009

I'm really not sure but I feel like blogging so much today. LOL! Keira is alseep on the coach behind me now. Playing on my itunes now is Barbra Streisand. Temperature now is 20 degree. Perfect. I will be making laksa tonight for dinner. Oh how I miss 'ham' aka cockles. Too bad they don't sell it here only clams though.

My body is screaming for SEAFOOD! I can't wait for Thanksgiving Day to come so that we can go to Oregan, Portland to have seafood by the beaches although the weather will be turning cold by then and a high possibility that it will be snowing in Mountain Home. To think my mum cook fish for every meals back home and I'm such a fish person. Especially assam fish with long beans. I am so 'fish-deprived'!.

Yesterday is my cousin, Ah Girl's wedding. I believe the 2nd in the family to hold a formal wedding dinner after Celine's Shanghai theme dinner a few years back (the most memorable wedding I ever attended so far). The rest are just mostly holding a buffet style which includes myself too. I bet the whole family is having great fun. Can't wait for them to post pics up soon.

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