It's a Cold Day today.

Nov 14, 2009

Last night, it's my 1st time seeing actual snowing. The last time that I posted doesn't count because it's seem to be more like drizzling than really snowing. It was so dark outside that I don't know it's really snowing until Hubby called back from work telling me that I go check it out. And it really SNOWED. I went out in my nightgown and played with it for a while even though it's *cking cold la. I hope no one see that idiotic side of me. Then after the little fun I had by myself, I went to check out my backyard through my bedroom window and wow.... haha so nice! Too bad, it's me alone again enjoying the sight and not together with Hubby. I turned to Keira but she was sleeping so soundly that I tried to wake her up but she simply ignore me. :P

Sight of snowing from last night in front of our frontyard. Does it looks like the icing I did for Hubby's birthday below?

So today I wanted to go Boise to get some accessories to protect my new macbook but too bad, nothing is out here for this new model. Sianz... How? I am afraid that I will dirty it. I will TRY to take good care of it as Hubby said whatever landed on me always turn out to be abused by me. 

Weather is super cold today at about 2-3 degree.

And on the way to 8th Street, there's a match between Broncos vs San Jose State at the stadium and there were so many supporters on the road. We really need to catch a match here before we leave home next year. And by the way, Broncos won a perfect 8-0 victory!

Look at the mountains. They are turning white.

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