My many birthday surprises... Ha... I've turned 28yrs old liao.. 我28歲生日有好多惊喜。

Nov 25, 2009

So initially I thought this year birthday will be like the same as past years. No big deal. At most just a simple celebration with Hubby at home that's all. I didn't even really celebrate my birthday back in SG. Just receive presents is suffice for me. But this year, my birthday in USA is far more memorable than the 27 birthdays I had in my life. Ha.. It's pathetic right but it's true.


1st Surprise: Just a simple potluck dinner gathering at my place and it turned out to be my birthday celebration. I didn't even tell anyone. All the dishes & plates on the dining table were cleared in a swift while I was feeding the baby in the room and replaced with beautiful cake and presents. Ha but they bought wrong candles la. They thought I'm 29 but I am only 28 hence they only put one '2' candle on the cake. I thought that's funny.


Authentic Thai Pig Trotter

My very good friends in Mountain Home.

2nd & 3rd Surprise: Steph & group and Sharon & group both came by our house on Monday to pass me my presents. I am so touched.


4th Surprise: The 2nd best surprise that come after the 1st Surprise is my BFFs from Singapore ordered a cake and delivered to my doorstep with the help of Roger (who is stationed here as well) on Monday night. It is so unexpected. I was again in the room putting baby to sleep when he delivered. They have been planning this for quite some time. And I suddenly feel the warmth coming from Singapore. Haha.. Thanks again Ade & Xuan!!!! You guys are the best. Sorry I deleted the photos accidentally so retake it the half eaten version. But it still looks lovely la!


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