Peace Carvin V (F-15) Inauguration Ceremony。Peace Carvin V (F-15) 就职典礼。

Nov 20, 2009

Yesterday attend the Peace Carvin V Inauguration Ceremony for F-15. Special VIP is our Deputy Prime Minister & Minster of Defence, Teo Chee Hean. The weather was windy and at a temperature of -4 degree and thankfully, the ceremony was held inside the hanger. Keira was bundled up in her REI down jacket.

昨天出席了Peace Carvin V (F-15) 就职典礼。特别贵宾是副总理兼国防部长Teo Chee Hean。那天的溫渡﹣4。超冷。好好典礼是在封闭的地方。寶寶穿的很想肉粽。

Arriving at the base

We reached base about 8.45am and found a good spot behind those VIPs. Perhaps it's was warm inside the hanger and Keira was wearing 2 layers. She begin to fidget just when DPM was into his speech. Oh man and start to cry. It was her milk time. Managed to feed her in a swift and quiet her down. It's so embarrassed. The ceremony lasted till about noon and we went for our lunch at MacDonald's follow by some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Reached home about 5pm. What a long day. But it's fun hanging out with the ladies.


And we are on the KTVB news. Can you spot us? Maybe you can't see me clearly cause I was hidden at 1 corner. But I saw Hubby. Haha...

我們上了 KTVB當地的新文。看到我們嗎?哈哈。我因該是被挡主可是我有看到坤仔。

2nd Row 4th Guy. Saw Him?

DPM giving his speech

Secretary of United Air Force giving his speech

His Seat

Leaving the base. It was so windy but Keira loves it. You can see it from her face.

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