Presenting my new Macbook!

Nov 11, 2009

After contemplating whether to get a new macbook for rather a long period, I finally took the plundge and bought it! Ta da....

For SG$1500+, I got myself a customzied 4GB ram 250G memory Macbook (worth $1634), free HP printer (worth about $128), a Parallels Desktop software (worth $120) and a macbook case (worth aout $29). Total savings achieved of about SG$500 if I were to get all these in Singapore. And I will soon sell away my old macbook pro for about SG$1000 and that makes me spent just SG$500 to get a new macbook.

Next in line is to get accessories and beautify my macbook.

Macbook envelope case from Etsy

Keyboard skin from iSkin

Cable drop from Bluelounge

I'm still trying to find a hard shell case for the new polycarbonate unibody macbook but I guess not many of them carry them as it's just been released. I shall wait then.

And I promise myself this time that I will take good care of the battery unlike the way I treat the old macbook pro.

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Anonymous said...

good buy! chio! =)