2010 New Year Resolution

Dec 28, 2009

Year 2009 is coming to an end and we will be welcoming 2010 soon. Looking back, this year has been a very adventurous year for me.

  1. Being jobless for the 1st time ever since I graduated from Poly.
  2. Moving to USA to stay for 15 months when I was 6 months pregnant.
  3. Experiencing four seasons and seeing snow for the 1st time.
  4. Becoming a mother and being a full time home maker alone here with no help from family.
  5. Learning how to cook a lot of dishes which I never try back in Singapore.
Year 2010 resolution (some of which are rather similar to my '30 before 30' list)
  1. Do more reading. I am seriously lagging here and instead I just spend my time catching online dramas. Bad bad bad...
  2. To improve my photography skill.
  3. Take up jogging again if possible but I guess I can only do it when we return to SG. I need my evening jogs back especially now my waistline is getting thicker and I can see muffin top spilling out slightly.
  4. To continue with my cooking journey and do more baking.
  5. Get a hobby. Lately, for no reason, I'm so into bicycles. I don't know why. But I really want to have my own bicycle.
  6. Learn a new skill. I wish to go back and learn music again but I guess it will not be easy now.
  7. To be a more matured mother to Keira and teach her well. No more childish acts.
  8. To see things with more open heart and mind.
So, what will be your New Year resolutions?

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