Baby Keira at 26 weeks old & Christmas Celebration. 26周大的寶寶和圣诞节庆祝活动。

Dec 20, 2009

This week Keira has not been sleeping very well. Keep waking up in the middle of the night crying but I can tell she's still very tired. Some said she might be teething. I hope this phase will pass by quickly. But apart from this, she's been quite a happy baby throughout the baby. She's been finishing her cereal now and I have up her feeding to twice a day. She seem to be taking it quite well. Soon I will introduce pureed food to her. 


Taking her usual bath. The 2 bath toys are her favorites now.

Notice her double eyelids on both eyes? So pretty right? Haha... Captured it when she woke up from one of her afternoon naps.

Wanted to dress her up as a Santarina but well, I guess a red outfit will fit the theme too.

Below is the video taken after we reached home from the Christmas Party at the  Bowling Alley. She seems to be in a high mode once reached home.

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