Las Vegas - City of Sin Part 2. 拉斯维加斯 - 罪恶城市 Part 2

Dec 2, 2009

So we decided that since most of the shops don't really open until about 10am, we can afford to sleep a bit later and then head off to Chinatown for some real chinese food.


Penang Malaysian Cuisine. The restaurant that we are going to have our lunch.

Ah Chong Mian Xian from Taiwan.

Cost more than SG$10 char kway tiao. The most expensive I ever eaten. But it was good.

Roti Prata

Hubby's Curry noodles

At the Las Vegas Premium Outlet. This was not supposed to be in our itinerary but we we went anyway. Spent almost half a day here hence we missed going some of the hotels that we wanted to go.

Queue at Coach was crazy. 

Sales at Kate Spade was just so so.

Proceeded to Ah Chong Mian Xian restaurant for dinner. Right below the Penang restaurant we went in the morning.

Went to Uptown Las Vegas to carry on with our journey.

Inside New York New York

The magnificent Excalibur


Inside MGM. Went to see the lion habitat but was closed by the time we reached. Glimpse of the casino.

Attempted to go to M&M store the 1st time. There are total 4 storeys in this M&M store.

1st Level of M&M

Hard Rock Cafe

So this marked our 2nd day in the Sin City. Las Vegas is really too big. This night we only covered like a small fraction. 


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