Las Vegas - City of Sin Part 3. 拉斯维加斯 - 罪恶城市 Part 3

Dec 2, 2009

Got a lovely surprise this morning when trying to feed Keira. She want to hold her own bottle. And she really hold it for a long time. I  am so proud of her. Ha... 

I don't feel very good the moment I got up on this morning. And it's really a pity because we are off to Sam Ho, HK cantonese restaurant for lunch. They are selling roast duck, char siew, roasted meat and etc. I didn't manage to take any pictures. I ordered char siew & roast meat rice while Hubby ordered wanton mee. All tasted so good! I wish I can live in Las Vegas now. So many Chinese people and the stuff that they are selling at orient supermarkets are cheaper and fresher than back in Mountain Home.


After the lunch, we headed to Hard Rock Hotel and saw our favorite designer, John Varvatos, having a store there. And not to say, we spent almost 1 hr in there taking photos and Hubby trying on shoes and finally bought one which looked really cool. Not to forget they have pretty cute sales guys too. I managed to ask them for a photo taken together. Thick-skinned.

午餐后到了Hard Rock Hotel 看到我們最喜歡的设计师在那裡開了一間店。在那裡頭待了一個鐘頭。拍了很多照片。坤仔也買了一雙鞋。很酷。售貨員也很可愛。

Guess how many chandeliers form the above picture?

I like the cute guy wearing the beanie.

Inside Hard Rock Hotel

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